Quality Profile Of Our Coffee

Our Coffee Origin
Currently 100% of coffee traded by Paloet is of Kenyan origin. We are able to trace coffees from different regions in the country depending on the quality profiles requested by our international clients
Our Clients Approach
We believe in diversity in taste and preferences and that why Paloet seeks to match our customer specifications through our qualified coffee Barista/expert
Our Products Quality
Our coffee is grown in higher elevations and produces grade AA which forms the largest coffee beans of the crop with flavor, full body, deep sensual aroma, hints of chocolate, floral and citric undertones

So how does it work?

Coffee Sourcing
The Company sources and buys coffee from the best farmers and different coffee auctions platforms in Kenya
Our clients can place orders by visiting our website. Then we send coffee samples to them for analysis before negotiating the price
Export Coffee logistics
Once our client is satisfied with the coffee samples and the negotiated FOB price shipping arrangement commences immediately
Letter of Credit
Paloet allows a payment undertaking given by a bank on behalf of our client paying us for a given amount of money